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5 Costs To Calculate As Part Of Your Yacht Charter

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If you are going to the Bahamas and looking to charter a yacht for all or part of your vacation, it is important that you understand the full cost of your charter. Understanding the various costs beyond the basic rental fee will help you understand the various offers you receive and make the best decision for which company you want to book a charter with. While some companies include all of the costs in a single package, other companies split the costs into separate payments, making the prices offered by charter companies vary significantly. Read More»

Vacation Destination: Considerations For Buying A Second Home

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Do you enjoy traveling? If you like to visit the same place most years, purchasing a holiday home in your ideal vacation destination can really pay off. Not only will you avoid paying for lodging while on your trips, but you’ll also have a rental property that can allow you to recoup (and possibly exceed) your investment. If you are in the stage of trying to decide whether a home in your favorite travel destination makes sense, here are some considerations to think about. Read More»

4 Questions You Might Have About Taking A Taxi Ride With A Baby Or Toddler

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If you usually run errands in your own vehicle or rely on a bus or subway to get around, you might not know what to expect during a taxi ride with your small children. When you ride in a taxi cab, many of the same safety rules that you follow in other vehicles typically apply, but there might be some exceptions. From car seat use to snacking on the road, here are four helpful answers to questions you might have about using taxi service with a toddler or baby. Read More»

Is Overworking Ruining Life? Vacations Keep You And Your Coworkers Alive Longer

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Everyone likes a nice vacation, right? But when there’s too much going on at work and you’re scrambling to keep up, vacations can start to look like an unnecessary indulgence instead of a normal part of the work-life balance. Still, you have to consider how much money is worth ruining your health and possibly even the health of your coworkers. Before you decide not to use your time off, think of a few of the health benefits of getting away for a little bit. Read More»

3 Amazing Things To Do On A Vacation In Cancun

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There is really no wrong way to take a vacation to Cancun. Even if all that you do while you’re there is swim and relax on the beach or hang out in a luxury resort, you’ll still have had a fun, relaxing vacation. But why not take the opportunity to do some things that you wouldn’t have a chance to do at home? In Cancun, you have some opportunities that aren’t available in many (or any) other parts of the world. Read More»

Getting The Best Vacation: 5 Services That You Should Make Sure Are Included In Your Resort Package

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After working hard for so long, you definitely deserve to take a break and relax. Americans take an average of 12 paid vacation days a year, which is more than enough time to relax and enjoy themselves at an all-inclusive resort. It’s never too early to start planning your vacation getaway, especially since early bookers tend to receive more perks and discounts. If an all-inclusive resort sounds like music to your ears, make sure that you compare the resort packages to determine what is included, as some all-inclusive resort may actually charge you for additional services. Read More»

Tips For Traveling Long Distance By Bus In Your Third Trimester

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For many women, the third trimester of their pregnancy is fraught with aches, pains, Braxton Hicks contractions and seemingly-endless trips to the bathroom. The last thing you want to do is travel, but sometimes, it’s inevitable. You’ve decided that the most economical and convenient option available is to travel by bus, but you aren’t exactly looking forward to the cramped quarters and infrequent stops. Don’t let your growing baby bump and swollen feet stop you from enjoying the last few months of your pregnancy and instead, here are a few tips to help you travel by bus more comfortably: Read More»