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4 Reasons To Consider A Private Sailing Tour On Your Honeymoon

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Booking a private sailing tour is a great way to take your honeymoon to the next level. Private sailing tours are romantic, adventurous, and will make your honeymoon even more memorable. Here are four reasons you should consider adding a private sailing tour to your honeymoon itinerary:

Private Sailing Tours are Exclusive

A crowded catamaran filled with tourists and college students on break is probably not quite what you have in mind for a romantic honeymoon experience. Luckily, private sailing tours are exclusive, and you and your honey will be the only guests on board during the time slot you have booked. Whether you book a private sailing tour that lasts a few hours, or splurge on a multi-day tour, you will know that you don't have to share the sailboat or catamaran with anyone, other than attentive crew and staff.

Private Sailing Tours are Luxurious 

Honeymoons should be a bit more luxurious and indulgent than a normal vacation, and private sailing tours definitely deliver on that front. Your sailing tour will most likely include a high-end and comfortable boat as well as catered, gourmet meals and libations.

Private Sailing Tours are Adventurous

One of the best things about a private sailing tour is that you can often venture off the beaten path and explore unique destinations you may not be able to access otherwise. Depending on where your honeymoon is taking place, your private sailing tour may take you to explore hidden grottoes and sea caves, go snorkeling on a deserted beach with no one else around, or get up close and personal with dolphins or whales in their natural environment.

You Can Always Add the Cost to a Honeymoon Fund

Planning a wedding and honeymoon is definitely an expensive time in anyone's life, and your budget may already be maxed out. If a private sailing tour isn't in your budget, consider setting up a honeymoon fund registry instead of (or as a complement to) a traditional wedding gift registry. Honeymoon registries allow your wedding guests to give you the gift of fun experiences on your honeymoon, and a generous friend or family member would probably love to treat you and your new spouse to a private sailing tour. 

Your honeymoon should be romantic, unique, and a once in a lifetime experience. Adding a private sailing tour to your honeymoon vacation will ensure your honeymoon is as special as you want it to be.