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Planning Your First Mountain Vacation? 4 Reasons You Should Rent a Cabin

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If you have camping on your mind for this summer, it's time to start making the plans. If you've never been camping before, you might be wondering whether you should go with a tent or a cabin. If you ask your friends, they're going to give you their preferences, but that might not give you the information you need to make an informed decision. To help you make your mind up, here are four reasons why you should choose a cabin for your first mountain camping experience.

Better Shelter

When it comes to camping, you want to consider the shelter space. This is particularly important if you'll be camping with young children or the elderly. While camping with a tent does provide you with four walls for protection, they're four nylon walls. Camping inside a cabin will provide you with four sturdy walls, which will be beneficial should a sudden rain or wind storm blow through the area.

More Comforts of Home

If you've got teenagers or a partner who prefers the modern comforts of home, you're going to want to choose a cabin for your mountain camping adventure. Most rental cabins come with electricity, running water, and indoor toilets, which will satisfy those family members who aren't quite ready to really rough it in the wilderness. Not only that, but they'll also come with comfortable beds, so you won't need to sleep on the hard ground while you're trying to enjoy your vacation.

Safer Storage for Your Food

If you're going to be camping in the mountains, you need to worry about the local wildlife. Camping in a tent requires you to take extra precautions with your food so that you don't attract the bears and mountain lions – as well as the raccoons and squirrels. When you rent a cabin, your food is safely stored away inside the cabinets, which will protect you from foraging woodland creatures. Because most cabins come with refrigerators, your food will stay fresh longer too. 

Protection from the Sun

If you've never slept in a tent before, you might not be prepared for how bright the sun is in the morning, or how early the sun rises. The sun can be particularly bright as it shines through those nylon tent walls. You won't have to worry about that when you rent a cabin in the mountains. You'll have all the protection you need from those bright morning rays of sunshine. 

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