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5 Costs To Calculate As Part Of Your Yacht Charter

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If you are going to the Bahamas and looking to charter a yacht for all or part of your vacation, it is important that you understand the full cost of your charter. Understanding the various costs beyond the basic rental fee will help you understand the various offers you receive and make the best decision for which company you want to book a charter with. While some companies include all of the costs in a single package, other companies split the costs into separate payments, making the prices offered by charter companies vary significantly. Below are five common costs that are associated with yacht rentals that will help you determine the total cost for your trip. 

Rental Cost

The rental cost or charter package is the basic rental fee for the boat for the amount of time that you book it for. If you are booking a crewed yacht as opposed to a bare boat, the rental cost should also include the labor of your skipper and any crew members that the vessel requires to operate smoothly. Many companies also include the final cleaning cost in the basic rental cost, but other companies charge separately for the final cleaning. 

Fuel Cost 

If you are renting a sailing yacht, the rental cost usually includes one tank of fuel. However, if you use more than that tank during your charter, you will have to pay for the extra fuel. If you rent a motor yacht, you will usually have to pay for any fuel that the boat uses throughout your trip. In the Bahamas, current fuel rates range from roughly $3-$4 per gallon. The amount of fuel your particular yacht will require will depend on the size of the yacht, the distance you are traveling, and the number of hours you will keep the yacht running each day. Your yacht company should provide a fuel estimate once you discuss your itinerary. 

Linen and Cost 

Linen charges are generally a small fee per person that is charged for linens on any trip that is more than one night. You can usually avoid a linen fee if you are only taking a yacht out for a day or if you will be mooring the yacht each night and sleeping in hotels. However, you may want to pay the linen fee anyway to have a comfortable place to rest during the day. Some companies also offer the choice between standard linens and luxury linens at a higher cost.

Provisioning Cost 

Provisioning refers to the food and drink that is brought on board for your trip. It is generally arranged ahead of time and then picked up by a crew member while you are in port. This cost can vary greatly based on what types of food and drink you request. For example, if you do not plan on drinking alcohol during your excursion, you can save money on your provisioning cost. 

Mooring Fees 

Mooring fees vary greatly based on where you go, how big your yacht is, and how long you stay at the dock. Most areas charge by the foot and either have a daily, weekly, or monthly rate. However, some resorts charge by the hour or half hour, which can greatly increase your costs. 

Most charter companies require you to set up a cash account with them before you leave on your trip. The skipper has access to that money and will use it to pay for provisions, fuel, mooring fees, and any other costs you incur. At the end of the trip, you will be given your bill and any leftover money will be refunded. This list will help you determine what costs you should ask about while you are booking a yacht charter. 

For more information and options, talk with a charter company, such as Charter Bonaparte, directly.