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5 Reasons To Hire Property Managers For Local Vacation Rentals

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Should you hire a property manager for your local short-term vacation rental? For many owners, a local rental property means doing more or all of the work themselves. But just because your rental is only a short drive away doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the help of a property manager. Why? It comes with some unexpected but valuable benefits. Here are five to consider.  1. Few After-Hours Calls. Owning any kind of rental real estate means you’re the one who gets the call when something breaks or a tenant has a complaint. Read More»

Whale Watching With Kids: The Ultimate Lesson

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If you are going to an area where whale-watching tours are offered, you may wonder if it is worth the money to take your whole family. There are many awesome perks that your children could glean from a family whale-watching trip, which will be discussed later. Most whale-watching trips welcome children of all ages, though some may last as long as 3 hours, which could be a little long for younger kids. Read More»

Private Snorkel Outings: An Excellent Way To Spend Time With Others

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Making the decision to go on a cruise can be the start of an exciting and memorable journey. For those who want to spend time with others, a cruise will provide ample relaxation and entertainment. One such way of making the most out of a cruise is taking a private snorkeling outing. Available in a smaller group setting, a private snorkel excursion will be a great way to escape the crowds and enjoy oneself. Read More»