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Whale Watching With Kids: The Ultimate Lesson

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If you are going to an area where whale-watching tours are offered, you may wonder if it is worth the money to take your whole family. There are many awesome perks that your children could glean from a family whale-watching trip, which will be discussed later. Most whale-watching trips welcome children of all ages, though some may last as long as 3 hours, which could be a little long for younger kids. Here are a few things your kids may learn during a whale-watching tour.

Appreciation for Natural Habitats

There is just something different about seeing a whale out in the wild versus seeing them in a confined area. You and your children will likely never forget the wonder of watching a family of whales swim around happily in their natural environment. This experience may help your children to become advocates for preserving the natural habitat of animals, something the world could use more of. 


Seeing whales out in nature can also help your kids to become more eco-aware. If you have ever had lessons or conversations with them about not littering, recycling, or sustainability, a whale-watching trip can help all of that to make sense. The cleanliness of water makes a lot more sense when your kids are able to see the direct effect it has on wildlife. Put their lessons about eco-friendliness into action with a whale-watching adventure. 

The Awe of Nature

A whale-watching trip is a fun addition to any vacation. Your kids will learn about nature, see beautiful whales, and get to ride on a boat! Instead of being landlocked your whole trip, allow them the incredible opportunity to really experience nature. The awe of nature kind of puts everything into perspective. Your children will likely glean an understanding of why the things we do matter and get great ideas of how to be more environmentally aware in the future. Instead of just going on vacation, give them an experience

In conclusion, your family will likely have a wonderful time learning about the wonders of whales together. Imagine how excited your youngsters will be to see a mighty whale in person! Your whale watching trip will likely be something they talk about for years to come. Also, a word to the wise: if you are bringing young children, you may want to think about bringing them drinks or snacks for the boat ride. If you don't see a whale for a bit, snacks make everything more exciting!