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How to Get More Out of a Walking Food Tour

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Taking a walking food tour can be a great way to see a new city or town. Not only will you discover new restaurants and shops, but you'll also get to taste and learn about the cuisine of the region, which will teach you a lot about its culture. Going on a food tour is bound to be great fun, and here are some ways you can get even more out of it.

Book a tour with an amount of walking that you're comfortable with.

You probably have an idea of how far you're comfortable walking in a day. For some people, that might be a half-mile. For other people, it might be five miles. When you look at various walking food tours to book, pay attention to how long each one is. Make sure you book one with a walking distance that is well within your comfortable walking range. This way, you won't find yourself feeling tired partway through the tour.

Take notes.

You want to avoid pulling your phone out too often during the tour as this may distract you from the foods you're seeing and tasting. So, bring along a small notepad and a pencil. When you try a certain food, jot down its name and whether or not you like it. After the tour, you can then reference your notes. You can go buy more of the foods you like, and if there were foods you did not like, you can avoid buying those ones again.

Talk to other tour participants.

Chat with the other tour participants as you taste the foods and admire the sights. These people may have insights that you don't have. For example, someone might point out that a dish you're trying has a mint flavor, which you did not previously realize. It's fun to learn how other people experience the cuisine.

Push your boundaries.

This happens more on some food tours than on others, but you may be presented with a dish or food that's not something you would typically try. Push your boundaries, and try it. You might surprise yourself, and you will definitely learn more about the food than if you were to say "no thanks."

Going on a walking food tour is a great way to experience local cuisine and please your palate. With the tips above, you can have the experience of a lifetime on one of these tours.