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Participate In A Bourbon Trail Tour

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Bourbon is a whiskey that contains corn and a mash mixture of yeast, barley, and rye. The Bourbon Trail is a group of distilleries in Kentucky that visitors and locals can tour. The distilleries are located in various parts of Kentucky, providing a traveling enthusiast with the option of planning several guided tours, each with a distinct list of places to visit and a mode of transportation to get there.

The Steps Covered During A Tour

At a distillery, a guided tour will be conducted that will teach visitors the production process necessary to create a batch of Bourbon. There may be a visual demonstration included with a tour, and there will be the opportunity to view the equipment used for distilling purposes and meet with some of the people who are responsible for creating each variety of Kentucky Bourbon.

Participants of a tour can create their own itinerary, which involves mapping out the location of various distilleries that are located within a specific region and driving to each one separately. Each tour could take an hour or longer to complete, which will limit the number of distilleries that can be visited in one day.

If there is ample time to break down a tour schedule over the course of a few days, a set group of distilleries can be visited during each occasion. There is also the possibility of participating in a tour that includes transportation to and from each distillery and participating in some additional cultural activities and a sightseeing session. 

A Package Tour

If you would like to relax during a visit to Kentucky and don't want to drive around once you have arrived, sign up for a Bourbon tour that is through an outfitter that offers guided tours of the region. A boat, a dinner train, or a bus are three modes of transportation that are used in conjunction with independent touring outfitters.

Each tour type may feature onboard entertainment or information about the distilleries that will be visited, including the history of each one. If you book a reservation with a tour company that offers a meal onboard, you may be able to pre-order what you and your loved ones will eat.

Otherwise, finish up your tour by stopping at one of the popular dining venues in the area or by visiting a tavern that sells food and some of the popular Bourbon varieties that you learned about during the outing.