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Going On A Disney Vacation As A Vegan? 3 Ways To Make Your Experience The Most Enjoyable

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Going on vacation is exciting, and it can start from the moment you begin planning. While it is possible to have an amazing time with a spontaneous vacation in which you do things as they come along, you will find it helpful to plan at least part of your trip when you are going to a Disney theme park. These places are not like most theme parks because they cater to you in so many ways, with multiple resorts, countless dining options, entertainment for everyone, and an all-around immersive experience. If you have a vegan diet, you will want to follow a few tips to meet your dietary needs and have an incredible time.

Ask for Allergy Information

Whenever you go to a quick-service, casual-dining, or buffet-style restaurant, you will want to ask for the allergy information. This will allow you to look through the menu with the ingredients included, so you know exactly what items are vegan without having to rely on the word of an employee. While they may have the right answer, you will likely feel more confident when you find it out on your own.

Bring Your Own Snacks

While you will find plenty of snacks to buy at Disney parks, you cannot go wrong with bringing some of your own. When you go through the security check, it may be worth mentioning that you have specific dietary preferences if they happen to ask about the snacks that you bring into the park. Since there is a lot of walking involved at Disney parks, you will benefit most from energizing snacks. For instance, the snacks that people take hiking, such as granola, trail mix, dried fruits, and nuts, are perfect options.

Make Reservations

If you walk into a buffet-style or character-dining restaurant without a reservation, the only way they will know that you are vegan and would like to be accommodated is if you tell them. Making a reservation with a sit-down restaurant either online or on the phone will allow you to give them this information before you arrive. This will allow the staff working there to accommodate you from the beginning.

Visiting a Disney theme park will give you with a truly unforgettable experience, but you can make it even better and avoid any stress related to food when you take the time to prepare for eating vegan meals. To learn more about vacation planning, talk to a Walt Disney World travel agent today.