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Checking Into A Hotel With Your Dog? 4 Steps To Make Sure Your Stay Goes Off Without A Hitch

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Summer is a great time to get away for some much-needed relaxation. If you've got a dog, it could probably use a vacation too. While you're making your hotel reservations, make sure you include your dog in the plans. Here are four steps you can take to make sure your hotel stay goes off without a hitch:

Know the Restrictions in Advance

When making your hotel reservations, it's important to remember that not all hotels are pet-friendly. Don't make your reservations, assuming that they'll accept your canine traveling companion. Prevent problems at check-in by asking about the restrictions in advance. While most hotels will take your four-legged friends, some do have specific restrictions regarding them. For instance, some hotels will prohibit certain breeds or overly-large dogs. Others will prohibit cats due to allergy concerns for other guests.

Ask About the Accommodations

Once you locate a pet-friendly hotel, you'll want to ask about the accommodations. Some hotels will offer doggy daycare facilities so that you can leave your pet behind while you go sightseeing. Others will offer you specific pet-friendly rooms. If you're offered a pet-friendly room, make sure it's not just an outdated room, with sub-standard amenities, that they set aside for guests with pets. You want to make sure that you're getting a quality room for your hotel stay.

Monitor Your Dog's Stress Triggers

Staying in a hotel can be stressful for pets, especially dogs. This is particularly true if they're not used to being around a lot of unfamiliar faces. To prevent problems caused by a stressed-out pet, such as biting, or urinating on the carpet, be sure you monitor your dog's stress triggers. For instance, if your dog becomes agitated in a large group, or begins panting excessively, remove your dog from the situation, and take it somewhere quiet for a few minutes. For best results, try to limit the amount of social interaction your dog receives during your hotel stay.

Bring Your Dog Carrier

Even if the hotel you're staying in offers doggy daycare, you should still bring your carrier with you. You never know when you'll want to head out for a bite to eat when the daycare facility isn't open. Not only that, but the carrier will be a good place for your dog to unwind when it's been over-stimulated during the day.

Enjoy your summer vacation. Use the tips provided here to avoid problems when you check into a hotel with your dog.