5 Costs To Calculate As Part Of Your Yacht Charter

If you are going to the Bahamas and looking to charter a yacht for all or part of your vacation, it is important that you understand the full cost of your charter. Understanding the various costs beyond the basic rental fee will help you understand the various offers you receive and make the best decision for which company you want to book a charter with. While some companies include all of the costs in a single package, other companies split the costs into separate payments, making the prices offered by charter companies vary significantly. Below are five common costs that are associated with yacht rentals that will help you determine the total cost for your trip. 

Rental Cost

The rental cost or charter package is the basic rental fee for the boat for the amount of time that you book it for. If you are booking a crewed yacht as opposed to a bare boat, the rental cost should also include the labor of your skipper and any crew members that the vessel requires to operate smoothly. Many companies also include the final cleaning cost in the basic rental cost, but other companies charge separately for the final cleaning. 

Fuel Cost 

If you are renting a sailing yacht, the rental cost usually includes one tank of fuel. However, if you use more than that tank during your charter, you will have to pay for the extra fuel. If you rent a motor yacht, you will usually have to pay for any fuel that the boat uses throughout your trip. In the Bahamas, current fuel rates range from roughly $3-$4 per gallon. The amount of fuel your particular yacht will require will depend on the size of the yacht, the distance you are traveling, and the number of hours you will keep the yacht running each day. Your yacht company should provide a fuel estimate once you discuss your itinerary. 

Linen and Cost 

Linen charges are generally a small fee per person that is charged for linens on any trip that is more than one night. You can usually avoid a linen fee if you are only taking a yacht out for a day or if you will be mooring the yacht each night and sleeping in hotels. However, you may want to pay the linen fee anyway to have a comfortable place to rest during the day. Some companies also offer the choice between standard linens and luxury linens at a higher cost.

Provisioning Cost 

Provisioning refers to the food and drink that is brought on board for your trip. It is generally arranged ahead of time and then picked up by a crew member while you are in port. This cost can vary greatly based on what types of food and drink you request. For example, if you do not plan on drinking alcohol during your excursion, you can save money on your provisioning cost. 

Mooring Fees 

Mooring fees vary greatly based on where you go, how big your yacht is, and how long you stay at the dock. Most areas charge by the foot and either have a daily, weekly, or monthly rate. However, some resorts charge by the hour or half hour, which can greatly increase your costs. 

Most charter companies require you to set up a cash account with them before you leave on your trip. The skipper has access to that money and will use it to pay for provisions, fuel, mooring fees, and any other costs you incur. At the end of the trip, you will be given your bill and any leftover money will be refunded. This list will help you determine what costs you should ask about while you are booking a yacht charter. 

For more information and options, talk with a charter company, such as Charter Bonaparte, directly.

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Vacation Destination: Considerations For Buying A Second Home

Do you enjoy traveling? If you like to visit the same place most years, purchasing a holiday home in your ideal vacation destination can really pay off. Not only will you avoid paying for lodging while on your trips, but you’ll also have a rental property that can allow you to recoup (and possibly exceed) your investment. If you are in the stage of trying to decide whether a home in your favorite travel destination makes sense, here are some considerations to think about.

You’ll need to balance location and cost.

When vacationing, you might prefer to do so on a budget. This might entail staying several miles away from the white sand beaches or outside of a major city. The slight lack of convenience can make up for the cost, and this might be perfectly fine for you.

Remember, though, that if you plan on renting the property, you will not be able to attract a premium price if your home is located outside of the main tourist area in many cases. Instead of comparing homes within a particular city or zip code, you’re going to need to have a real estate agent compare homes in the exact location where the home you are considering is located. You might pay half the price for a home located across the street from the beach than you would for a home directly on the sand; the rental fee that you will get will also be halved, so keep this in mind.

Maintenance costs can be higher than anticipated.

If you’re not living in the home on a year-round schedule, you’ll be less attuned to when maintenance is required. This could potentially add up to bigger expenses later. For example, a problem with the septic system might be relatively inexpensive to fix if it’s discovered early, but left to fester, it could cause a high bill later.

One way to mitigate this issue is to work with a property manager or a condominium association. The company in charge of the property can make sure that maintenance is taken care of. When you buy a condo in your preferred location, usually much of the maintenance is included in the condo-owners’ association fee. The fee generally includes outdoor maintenance, roof maintenance and, in some cases, plumbing and electrical problems that might crop up.

You’ll need to look into tax and insurance implications.

Second-home owners need to pay additional taxes on their second properties. If you’re collecting rental income, that will be taxed, too. This is not a reason to avoid buying a second home, but it is an important consideration to keep in mind when deciding if you can afford your home-away-from-home. Remember that you will also have additional deductions to write off when you have a second home.

In addition to tax obligations, you’ll also need to pay higher insurance premiums. Much of this will be due to having either tenants in the home or a vacant home during part of the year. Your costs might also be higher than anticipated because a location in a large city or close to a river or ocean can raise your risk of a break-in or flooding, respectively. Again, insurance coverage on its own should not make or break your decision, but it’s part of the overall financial obligation that you will have to think about.

Purchasing a home or condo in your desired travel location is a wonderful way to not only boost your financial security, but also provide you and your family with a relaxing or exciting place to stay while away from home. Talk to a tax adviser and a real estate agent or property manager to learn about the options and considerations that you should think about in your potential new community.

Visit a site like citycreekliving.com for more information on condos for sale. 

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4 Questions You Might Have About Taking A Taxi Ride With A Baby Or Toddler

If you usually run errands in your own vehicle or rely on a bus or subway to get around, you might not know what to expect during a taxi ride with your small children. When you ride in a taxi cab, many of the same safety rules that you follow in other vehicles typically apply, but there might be some exceptions. From car seat use to snacking on the road, here are four helpful answers to questions you might have about using taxi service with a toddler or baby.

Does My Child Need a Car Seat During the Drive?

Car seats are not mandatory for taxi passengers in every state. However, some states, such as California, still require them for infants and toddlers who weigh less than 60 pounds. Does that mean you need to bring toddler and infant car seats with you? Not necessarily, as some cab companies offer passenger vans or SUVs with built-in car seats for kids. When you reserve a ride, let the company know if your kids still use car seats so that they can pick you up in a family-friendly vehicle, if possible. 

If car seats are not mandatory in your city, you might still want to bring some with you for your children. Properly buckling an infant into a car seat decreases the infant’s risk of fatal injuries by 71% if an accident occurs, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC also reports the chance of survival is higher than 50% for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4 who are buckled into child safety seats.  

Is it Okay to Breastfeed in the Taxi?

If your little one gets hungry when you’re on the road, it might be tempting to breastfeed in the taxi. However, most attorneys on Avvo.com agree that it is illegal to breastfeed a child while a vehicle is moving because breastfeeding would probably require the removal of a mom’s and a baby’s seatbelts. It is okay to breastfeed a child in a parked vehicle, so feel free to ask the driver to pull over so that you can nurse. Just remember that the meter may continue ticking while you nurse your little one, and your driver may have other passengers to pick up at a specific time, which could cut your breastfeeding session short. 

Pumping in a taxi may be another option if you are buckled in safely and can find a way to connect the pump. You can then transfer the breast milk into a bottle if your child is willing to drink from one.

Can I Bring a Stroller?

Your taxi driver will probably let you bring a stroller as long as it folds into a compact piece that fits in the trunk of the vehicle. You can also bring slings, wraps, wheelchairs, walkers, and other items that help you and your children get around town. Some taxis even have space for bicycles or scooters, but check with the cab company first to make sure.

Are Food and Beverages Allowed in the Vehicle?

The cab company sets its own rules about eating and drinking in its taxi cabs. If the driver says it’s okay for you to bring food and beverages into the vehicle, opt for easy-to-eat, grease-free options that will not make a mess in the vehicle. Avoid snacks that create a large amount of crumbs, such as flaky crackers. Keep the comfort of other passengers in mind before bringing a snack with a pungent odor that may linger long after you exit the vehicle.

Here are some good snack ideas for toddlers who are riding in a cab that allows food and drinks:

  • Apple slices
  • Carrot sticks
  • Bottled water
  • Light-colored juice, such as apple juice or lemonade, inside of a lidded cup or bottle

Make sure not to leave any wrappers or empty bottles behind when you exit the vehicle. The taxi cab may come equipped with a small trash can, but just in case it doesn’t, you should expect to throw your garbage away in a can outside of the vehicle.

Laws vary by region, and different drivers have their own unique rules for passengers, so check with a taxi service, such as White Top Cab Company, before you leave your car seat at home or whip out a juice box and crackers when you’re on the road. A taxi service can also answer any questions that were not listed above, regardless of whether your questions or concerns pertain to traveling with small children.

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Is Overworking Ruining Life? Vacations Keep You And Your Coworkers Alive Longer

Everyone likes a nice vacation, right? But when there’s too much going on at work and you’re scrambling to keep up, vacations can start to look like an unnecessary indulgence instead of a normal part of the work-life balance. Still, you have to consider how much money is worth ruining your health and possibly even the health of your coworkers. Before you decide not to use your time off, think of a few of the health benefits of getting away for a little bit.

Stress Is Too Much For Your Poor Heart To Take

Stress has been shown to have a poor effect on your health in general, but one of the most affected body parts when you’re over-stressed is your heart. Being stressed can cause your blood pressure to increase, putting serious strain on your cardiovascular system. Like leisure activities that you take part in outside of your work schedule, vacations also have a part to play in helping you reduce your stress.

Studies have shown that workers who take too few vacations suffer from drastically increased risks for coronary disease and heart attacks. Men have a 30% risk, while women face a whopping 50% risk of heart attack or heart disease. Even if you manage to avoid a heart attack due to overworking, the heart disease due to stress may significantly shorten your lifespan. 

Experts recommend vacationing one to two times per year to help manage stress, along with taking part in frequent relaxing activities outside of work in your normal daily life.

Working Nonstop Can Push You To Depression

Like your physical health, your mental health can easily be influenced by how much stress you subject yourself to without a reprieve. People who focus on work to the extent of not taking vacations often report dissatisfaction with their lives. They face a heightened risk for depression and relationship failure, which increases the stress and feeds into poor mental health.

Once your stress is too great and you become depressed, you face several serious risks to your long-term health and happiness. People with depression are at risk for weight gain, fatigue, self-injury, substance abuse, addiction, and thoughts of suicide.

Fortunately, taking vacations can reduce your chances for depression and even increase the likelihood of your personal relationships staying stable. One study even suggests once you get into the swing of things, just looking forward to a vacation can improve your mental health and reduce stress. Combine this with the reduced stress after you get back from being off and you can get months of improved mental health out of just a couple of yearly vacations.

Good Vibes Could Help Your Coworkers Too

Thanks to collective restoration, the health benefits of taking a vacation aren’t just limited to you. Collective restoration is a rather intuitive theory about the happiness and health of a group of people, which states that if one of them is relaxed and positive, the others will feel more relaxed and positive too. In practice, this means that by taking a vacation, you could improve your interactions with your coworkers and help to decrease their stress levels and boost productivity.

Taking frequent vacations also sets a good example for your colleagues who may feel that time off and productivity don’t go together. Once you come back to work and show you can be even more productive after relaxing, you’ll give them a reason to think twice about ignoring their paid time off.

Work is important, but no job is worth ruining your health. If it’s been over a year since your last vacation, take some time off and help your mind and body recharge. If you get into the habit of regularly vacationing, you could improve your health and even help keep your coworkers healthy, too, and that means you’ll be more productive as a team without sacrificing years of your life. For more information on planning a vacation, contact a business such as Sands Resorts.

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3 Amazing Things To Do On A Vacation In Cancun

There is really no wrong way to take a vacation to Cancun. Even if all that you do while you’re there is swim and relax on the beach or hang out in a luxury resort, you’ll still have had a fun, relaxing vacation. But why not take the opportunity to do some things that you wouldn’t have a chance to do at home? In Cancun, you have some opportunities that aren’t available in many (or any) other parts of the world. Take a look at some unique and amazing experiences that Cancun has to offer. You’ll definitely want to plan on working these into your itinerary.

The Tequila Museum

No trip to a Mexican destination would be complete without enjoying the drink that the country is best known for: tequila! But don’t just drink it – take some time to learn about the liquor and you’ll appreciate it even more. You can do that by taking a tour of the tequila museum located in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Not only will you learn about the process of fermenting and distilling agave sugars and other sugars and creating the popular liquor, you’ll also learn about the history of tequila and the legends surrounding the agave plant. And don’t worry that it’s going to be a dry exhibit – the museum makes learning about tequila a multi-sensory experience, so you won’t leave without having the chance to smell the liquor and, more importantly, taste it. You’ll also learn about the difference between mixed tequilas and the higher quality pure tequila.

Flying Water Jetpacks

The future is here, and it includes jetpacks, just like the ones that the Jetsons used. Well, maybe not exactly like theirs – you won’t be zooming around in outer space. You will be hovering about one story above the water, however – if you decide to check out flyboarding while you’re in Cancun.

A flyboard is a flat board with boots attached to it. You strap your feet into the boots, and then you’re attached to a jet ski by a tube that runs from the boots to the jet ski. The jet ski operator will use the machine’s throttle to send pressurized water through the tube that will shoot you into the air.

It may sound harrowing, but you will be wearing a helmet to protect you against injury, and you’ll receive instruction before you go out on the jet ski. If you’re up for the challenging of balancing while standing on a board in the air and diving back into the water as you fall, flyboarding can end up being the most exhilarating moment of your trip.

Underwater Sculptures

Snorkeling and scuba diving is always a popular activity when you’re visiting a tropical location, and there are plenty of amazing things to see under the water wherever you choose to dive. But if you want to see something truly unique that you won’t encounter anywhere else, you’ll choose to dive or snorkel at the underwater museum while you’re in Cancun.

The underwater museum is the work of six different artists. The sculptures that you’ll find under the water are not only beautiful and unique, they’re also eco-friendly. They’re designed to provide a safe habitat for marine life and support the Mesoamerican barrier reef. A statue of a car is made specifically to provide a place for lobsters to live and sleep, and a statue made up of ear moldings contains a hydrophone and hard drive that allows researchers on land to study the sounds of marine life. If you take regular trips to Cancun, this is a display that you need to visit more than once. Coral and algae attach to the cement used in the sculptures, so they’ll look somewhat different every time you see them.

As you can see, there’s more to Cancun than sandy beaches and luxury hotels. When you plan your vacation to Cancun, make sure to add one or more of these special stops to your itinerary. If you’d like help planning your trip so that you don’t miss out on anything, contact a travel agency that specializes in Cancun tours

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Getting The Best Vacation: 5 Services That You Should Make Sure Are Included In Your Resort Package

After working hard for so long, you definitely deserve to take a break and relax. Americans take an average of 12 paid vacation days a year, which is more than enough time to relax and enjoy themselves at an all-inclusive resort. It’s never too early to start planning your vacation getaway, especially since early bookers tend to receive more perks and discounts. If an all-inclusive resort sounds like music to your ears, make sure that you compare the resort packages to determine what is included, as some all-inclusive resort may actually charge you for additional services. Here are 5 services that you should make sure are definitely included.

Shuttle Transport to and From the Airport to the Resort

Some all-inclusive resorts only include services beginning from when you set foot onto the resort property. In short, you’re on your own when getting to and from the airport to the resort and may to pay for a taxi out of your own pocket. Although some all-inclusive resorts do offer shuttle transport, it may not be included in your all-inclusive resort package, and you end up seeing a charge on the bill when you leave. Depending on how far the airport is from the resort, you can expect to pay quite a lot per person, so it definitely is worth checking to see whether the shuttle transport is included in your package or not.

Room Service Around-the-Clock for the Length of Your Stay

Although you may expect all-inclusive resorts to include the charges for room service, different resorts may have different regulations in place. Some all-inclusive resorts do not offer room service, and others only offer room service at specific times of the day, so you may be charged for room service requested after the hours specified. 

Specific Recreational Activities 

Most all-inclusive offer the allure of exciting and fun water sports or other recreational activities that will shape your vacation; however, not all recreational activities that are offered at the resort may be included. For example, while some resorts are able to offer unlimited snorkeling, pedal boating and even sailing to their guests, they may charge for “premium” activities, like getting dive certified. 

It is important to know what your resort package includes and what you will get, so that you are fully aware of whether the activities that you are looking forward to come as an additional charge. This is when booking early may come in handy, as some all-inclusive resorts offer premium activities free of charge for those who do.

Internet Wi-Fi

Although it is nice to finally put down your phones and be able to spend some time away from your computer monitor, you’ll still want to make sure that the all-inclusive resorts offer internet wi-fi free of charge, so that you can still stay connected with your family and friends. Some all-inclusive resorts only offer free wi-fi in the lobby or in public spaces, so you want to check to see whether you’ll still get free internet wi-fi when you are in your room. If not, the cost of surfing the internet or uploading photos can easily become a huge chunk of your final bill. 

Specific Gourmet Menu Items and Liquor

Being able to enjoy amazing food is one of the best perks of going on vacation, and you definitely want to make sure that you’ll be able to try the mouthwatering, delicious foods in all of those pictures that you have been seeing. While all-inclusive resorts are required to provide you with liquor and good food, some gourmet menu items and specific types of liquor come with an additional charge. Don’t be suckered in! 


All-inclusive resorts are great because you only have to pay one price for your entire vacation if you do your research and plan it right. Make sure that you are fully aware of what is included in your package and what isn’t, as not all services are included. Shop around in order to find a resort with the best deals and capable of offering the services and activities that you have been looking forward to all year long. For more ideas, look at sites like http://www.myrtlebeachresorts.com/.

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Tips For Traveling Long Distance By Bus In Your Third Trimester

For many women, the third trimester of their pregnancy is fraught with aches, pains, Braxton Hicks contractions and seemingly-endless trips to the bathroom. The last thing you want to do is travel, but sometimes, it’s inevitable. You’ve decided that the most economical and convenient option available is to travel by bus, but you aren’t exactly looking forward to the cramped quarters and infrequent stops. Don’t let your growing baby bump and swollen feet stop you from enjoying the last few months of your pregnancy and instead, here are a few tips to help you travel by bus more comfortably:

Before The Ride

First and foremost, it’s important to speak to your physician to determine if traveling during the last trimester of your pregnancy is a good idea. Make sure the doctor knows what type of travel you are utilizing; charter bus services and cars present different scenarios. In some cases, your doctor will advise against any long distance travel if you’re past 37 weeks, or if you’re suffering from any complications, such as gestational diabetes.

If you’ve been cleared, it’s time to plan ahead to ensure the trip is as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips to help ensure you’re riding in style, instead of wishing you were home in bed:

  • Choose Your Destination Wisely – Whether you’re traveling by car, bus or train, American Pregnancy urges expectant mothers to choose a destination that is no more than five to six hours away. Any further and you risk having your baby at an unfamiliar hospital. 

  • It’s All About What You Pack – Help ensure the ride is more bearable, and less filled with foot cramps and motion sickness, by packing correctly. Fill a bag with everything you’ll need to stay as comfortable as possible, including a pillow, healthy snacks, plenty of water, a book, tablet or any other distraction and antibacterial wipes.

  • In Case of Emergency – Ask your doctor to provide you with a copy of your prenatal care record and bring it along with your insurance information. Also, investigate the location of the nearest hospital with a maternity ward. If you do go into labor, it will be much safer and less stressful if you have a plan.

While You’re On the Bus

Your ticket is bought and you’re ready to take your last mini-adventure before the baby arrives. Grab your bag, scope out the best seat and utilize these tips to help you survive the ride:

  • Push Your Way to the Front of the Line – In many cases, it is first come, first serve in the bus line, which is why it’s vital to flaunt your pregnant belly while you nicely ask if you can snag the best seat. Ideally, you should sit somewhere in the middle as close to the bathroom as possible.

  • Get Up and Walk Around Whenever Possible – Standing from a seating position is never an easy task when you’re belly is four times its normal size, but it’s vital to get up, use the bathroom and walk around at every stop.

  • If You Absolutely Can’t Hold It Anymore – It’s never advisable to get up and walk around while the bus is moving, but if you absolutely aren’t going to make it until the next stop, use whatever you can to safely make it to the bathroom. This could mean holding onto a hand railing, or asking the people in the seats to give you a hand!

Traveling by bus during your third trimester might be slightly uncomfortable, but don’t let this spoil your fun. Remember, you’re about to travel lugging around a baby in a car seat, so take this last opportunity to enjoy the ride, and the people around you, in peace!

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Growing up, my family visited a favorite local amusement park every year. At this huge place, I enjoyed riding roller coasters, watching entertaining shows, shopping for souvenirs, and eating delicious foods. During these special times, our family was able to relax and bond with each other. If you are looking for something to do with your family this summer, consider visiting a fun amusement park. But why stop with one? You may even want to plan a tour of several amusement parks. In doing so, your family will have the thrill of a lifetime this summer. On this blog, you will learn how to plan a tour of interesting amusement parks. Enjoy!

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