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How To Decorate A Wedding Reception On A Private Boat

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If you have dreams of saying “I do” on the open water with wind blowing through your hair, consider holding it on a private cruise. The reception can follow directly after, as many high-end boats, such as yachts, have dining areas and small kitchens.  One of the benefits of hosting your wedding reception on a private boat is that you and your guests can take in the ocean views while enjoying dinner and dancing. Read More»

Considerations to Make Prior to Purchasing a Vacation Home

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If you find yourself constantly traveling to a location for a vacation, you might be tempted to purchase a second home for temporary use. Vacation homes can be a great way to save money; however, people often purchase them without giving it a second thought. This can to many problems they were not anticipating. Here are a few things you should consider before running and purchasing that second home. Consider Actual Costs Read More»