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Things That You'll Find On A St. Patrick's Day Cruise

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There are lots of different ways that people enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day. While some people enjoy getting together with friends at a local Irish establishment, others host large parties in their homes. If you've celebrated this March occasion in the same way for years, you might be ready to do something different. If so, a good option is to take an all-inclusive St. Patrick's Day cruise with some friends. This type of trip offers many of the things that you expect to find on a cruise, but with an Irish theme. Here are some things that you'll likely find on this unique type of cruise.

Irish Music

Music is a fixture on many cruises, but a St. Patrick's Day cruise will give you lots of opportunities to enjoy some Irish music. This upbeat genre will be available in several forms. You can expect to be able to watch live music at one or more of the ship's bars or perhaps even outdoors on the deck. You'll likely also hear recorded Irish music at some of the ship's venues. You can either sit back and enjoy the tunes or dust off your dancing shoes and join some other cruise attendees on the dance floor.

Irish Drinks

A big part of St. Patrick's Day involves enjoying some alcoholic beverages, and doing so on a cruise can be fun because you don't have to worry about driving afterward. Many of the cruise ship's bars and restaurants will have special Irish-themed drinks for this cruise. You might enjoy something as simple as a green beer, but you may also wish to sample one or more authentic Irish beers that you haven't had in the past. Various types of whiskey will be available in several different cocktails, and Irish cream drinks will be on the menu for after meals.

Irish Activities

No cruise is complete without enjoying some organized activities on the ship, and you'll have a number of options when you take a St. Patrick's Day cruise. Some people will enjoy playing team trivia games that focus on Irish topics. These games are often presented in pub environments, which can be fun for you and your friends. There may also be other activities such as Irish-themed scavenger hunts that take place throughout the vessel. If an all-inclusive St. Patrick's Day cruise sounds like a fun way for you to celebrate during the month of March, book your excursion online.

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