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3 Amazing Things To Do On A Vacation In Cancun

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There is really no wrong way to take a vacation to Cancun. Even if all that you do while you're there is swim and relax on the beach or hang out in a luxury resort, you'll still have had a fun, relaxing vacation. But why not take the opportunity to do some things that you wouldn't have a chance to do at home? In Cancun, you have some opportunities that aren't available in many (or any) other parts of the world. Take a look at some unique and amazing experiences that Cancun has to offer. You'll definitely want to plan on working these into your itinerary.

The Tequila Museum

No trip to a Mexican destination would be complete without enjoying the drink that the country is best known for: tequila! But don't just drink it – take some time to learn about the liquor and you'll appreciate it even more. You can do that by taking a tour of the tequila museum located in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Not only will you learn about the process of fermenting and distilling agave sugars and other sugars and creating the popular liquor, you'll also learn about the history of tequila and the legends surrounding the agave plant. And don't worry that it's going to be a dry exhibit – the museum makes learning about tequila a multi-sensory experience, so you won't leave without having the chance to smell the liquor and, more importantly, taste it. You'll also learn about the difference between mixed tequilas and the higher quality pure tequila.

Flying Water Jetpacks

The future is here, and it includes jetpacks, just like the ones that the Jetsons used. Well, maybe not exactly like theirs – you won't be zooming around in outer space. You will be hovering about one story above the water, however – if you decide to check out flyboarding while you're in Cancun.

A flyboard is a flat board with boots attached to it. You strap your feet into the boots, and then you're attached to a jet ski by a tube that runs from the boots to the jet ski. The jet ski operator will use the machine's throttle to send pressurized water through the tube that will shoot you into the air.

It may sound harrowing, but you will be wearing a helmet to protect you against injury, and you'll receive instruction before you go out on the jet ski. If you're up for the challenging of balancing while standing on a board in the air and diving back into the water as you fall, flyboarding can end up being the most exhilarating moment of your trip.

Underwater Sculptures

Snorkeling and scuba diving is always a popular activity when you're visiting a tropical location, and there are plenty of amazing things to see under the water wherever you choose to dive. But if you want to see something truly unique that you won't encounter anywhere else, you'll choose to dive or snorkel at the underwater museum while you're in Cancun.

The underwater museum is the work of six different artists. The sculptures that you'll find under the water are not only beautiful and unique, they're also eco-friendly. They're designed to provide a safe habitat for marine life and support the Mesoamerican barrier reef. A statue of a car is made specifically to provide a place for lobsters to live and sleep, and a statue made up of ear moldings contains a hydrophone and hard drive that allows researchers on land to study the sounds of marine life. If you take regular trips to Cancun, this is a display that you need to visit more than once. Coral and algae attach to the cement used in the sculptures, so they'll look somewhat different every time you see them.

As you can see, there's more to Cancun than sandy beaches and luxury hotels. When you plan your vacation to Cancun, make sure to add one or more of these special stops to your itinerary. If you'd like help planning your trip so that you don't miss out on anything, contact a travel agency that specializes in Cancun tours