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Getting The Best Vacation: 5 Services That You Should Make Sure Are Included In Your Resort Package

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After working hard for so long, you definitely deserve to take a break and relax. Americans take an average of 12 paid vacation days a year, which is more than enough time to relax and enjoy themselves at an all-inclusive resort. It's never too early to start planning your vacation getaway, especially since early bookers tend to receive more perks and discounts. If an all-inclusive resort sounds like music to your ears, make sure that you compare the resort packages to determine what is included, as some all-inclusive resort may actually charge you for additional services. Here are 5 services that you should make sure are definitely included.

Shuttle Transport to and From the Airport to the Resort

Some all-inclusive resorts only include services beginning from when you set foot onto the resort property. In short, you're on your own when getting to and from the airport to the resort and may to pay for a taxi out of your own pocket. Although some all-inclusive resorts do offer shuttle transport, it may not be included in your all-inclusive resort package, and you end up seeing a charge on the bill when you leave. Depending on how far the airport is from the resort, you can expect to pay quite a lot per person, so it definitely is worth checking to see whether the shuttle transport is included in your package or not.

Room Service Around-the-Clock for the Length of Your Stay

Although you may expect all-inclusive resorts to include the charges for room service, different resorts may have different regulations in place. Some all-inclusive resorts do not offer room service, and others only offer room service at specific times of the day, so you may be charged for room service requested after the hours specified. 

Specific Recreational Activities 

Most all-inclusive offer the allure of exciting and fun water sports or other recreational activities that will shape your vacation; however, not all recreational activities that are offered at the resort may be included. For example, while some resorts are able to offer unlimited snorkeling, pedal boating and even sailing to their guests, they may charge for "premium" activities, like getting dive certified. 

It is important to know what your resort package includes and what you will get, so that you are fully aware of whether the activities that you are looking forward to come as an additional charge. This is when booking early may come in handy, as some all-inclusive resorts offer premium activities free of charge for those who do.

Internet Wi-Fi

Although it is nice to finally put down your phones and be able to spend some time away from your computer monitor, you'll still want to make sure that the all-inclusive resorts offer internet wi-fi free of charge, so that you can still stay connected with your family and friends. Some all-inclusive resorts only offer free wi-fi in the lobby or in public spaces, so you want to check to see whether you'll still get free internet wi-fi when you are in your room. If not, the cost of surfing the internet or uploading photos can easily become a huge chunk of your final bill. 

Specific Gourmet Menu Items and Liquor

Being able to enjoy amazing food is one of the best perks of going on vacation, and you definitely want to make sure that you'll be able to try the mouthwatering, delicious foods in all of those pictures that you have been seeing. While all-inclusive resorts are required to provide you with liquor and good food, some gourmet menu items and specific types of liquor come with an additional charge. Don't be suckered in! 


All-inclusive resorts are great because you only have to pay one price for your entire vacation if you do your research and plan it right. Make sure that you are fully aware of what is included in your package and what isn't, as not all services are included. Shop around in order to find a resort with the best deals and capable of offering the services and activities that you have been looking forward to all year long. For more ideas, look at sites like